Executive Board Treasurer

Trey Crace, Treasurer


Having the privilege to serve as the Treasurer for Lodge 206 means so much to me. I was raised to live life by the core values: integrity, honesty, and respect. Being part of the executive board for Lodge 206 allows me to further my values into a different role. Being part of change in Charlestown is what gets me excited. The potential for growth not only within the community, but the Police Department is a motivating factor on why I am part of the board for Lodge 206. I am passionate about the possibilities of change through our FOP. It is rewarding knowing that being part of Lodge 206 is not only history, but a step in the right direction for longed change and opportunity to have a voice. Being part of the board for Lodge 206 is bigger than myself. Ultimately I aim to be part of a positive difference that members of this Lodge can reap for generations to come.