Executive Board President

Brandon Lyons, President


“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

As President, I am the primary voice for the members of FOP Rose Island Lodge No. 206. I serve on the behalf of our members and strive to maintain positive relations between our Lodge, law enforcement administration, the community in which we serve, local governments, the State Lodge, and the National Grand Lodge. I ensure that our Lodge operates professionally, respectfully, and efficiently alongside the Lodge executive board members.

It is a tremendous honor to serve as the first President of the Lodge. I will work tirelessly to ensure that FOP Rose Island Lodge No. 206 exemplifies the core values and mission of the FOP. I hope to serve the members of the Lodge and our community well in my capacity. The FOP is new to me but in my short time involved with the organization I have been humbled by the camaraderie I’ve witnessed from Lodge members at the local, State, and National level assisting to help ensure our Lodge has the greatest opportunity to make an immediate and profound impact.

I have spent my entire life involved with Charlestown. I attended school at Jonathan Jennings all the way to Charlestown High School where I graduated in 2011. I then spent the next 4 years achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice from Indiana University (IUS) in 2015 prior to being sworn in as a full time officer with the Charlestown Police Department on December 21st, 2015. I’ve achieved the rank of Corporal on the department and have served in multiple capacities/responsibilities including: Field Training Officer, General Instructor, Physical Tactics Instructor, Evidence Technician, and most recently School Resource Officer to Jonathan Jennings Elementary and Charlestown Middle School where I am also a DARE Instructor.